Tommy Doyle and Joe Maldangesang: two men whose lives and families are bound together forever,
and who live half a world apart.

After the ANC ceremony, at the WWII Memorial

Reception at the Palauan embassy:
the Palauan delegation hopes some of Joe's fame will rub off on them.

Mike, Joe, Jennifer, Molly, Mark

Abe and Joe

Joe and Abe

At the WWII Memorial

Looking up Capt. John Julliano Kintaro at the Vietnam "Wall."

U.S. Army Capt. John J. Kintaro:
a Palauan who made the ultimate sacrifice for the U.S. in Vietnam on 27 September 1971.

In front of the U.S. Capitol.

At the Air and Space Museum.
With Molly by the command module that brought the Apollo 11 crew
back from the first manned moon-landing mission.

[All photos by Jennifer Powers and Tom Krasny]