The Sock Brigade has been responsible for shipping over 16,000 pairs of alpaca socks to our troops stationed overseas.

Thank the troops for their service by sending them soft warm alpaca socks. All you have to do is send us a contact name, an email, and an APO address of the unit you want to send socks to. You can email us at

We will send 3 pairs of socks per person in the unit to the APO address you provide.

The Sock Brigade


A soldier get new alpaca socks!  The soldiers are all smiles over their new socks.  The alpaca socks are a welcome sight for the soldiers.

Letters from the Soldiers

"I wanted to send a personal thank you for the alpaca socks you sent to the members of the 121st Security Forces Squadron deployed to Afghanistan! As the winter cold begins to really set in here, all I hear is the rave reveiws about the alpaca socks. They are definitely the warmest and most comfortable socks I and many others have ever worn. We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity."


"The team absolutely love the socks. All of the team members took one pair and then we donated the rest to the injured soldiers that we are taking care of. During their trauma evaluation, all of their clothes are cut off and then they have to get flown back to the states for recovery. The injured soldiers really need good socks and those Alpaca socks are fantastic. You guys should know that you really made a difference for many of the soldiers that we have treated."


"I certainly do know a bunch of guys that could use the socks. Especially with the cold months coming. The Company that took our place there could use them and I know some others that are going to be there. They are awesome for the cold weather months. Used them a lot when I first got there, as it got warmer most of us used a thinner cooler sock. All the guys loved them though and raved about them. Thanks again, you're the best."

"Now I don't want to come off as improper, I am a Godly married man - however the first comment I got back from the guys was:

"These socks feel like sex on your feet!"

That means they liked them. Thanks, as always, for all you do - appreciate it!!"




Certificate of Appreciation